E6 Processing w/ RA-4 Update

New E6 formula + Process.

The odd formulas are from a combination of the leftover supplies in the darkroom and chemicals for other historic processes.  Also, I found a lot of help troubleshooting color balance problems from the following website.  http://theatreorgans.com/hammond/keng/kenhtml/crcnew.htm/e6fault.htm

All solutions used is at 100F (38C).

5 Minute Warm up (loaded developing tank in hot water bath)

6.25 Minutes Sprint Print Developer (Diluted 1+3)

1 Minute Stop Bath (I use Ilford, but any B/W should work)

Rinse thoroughly with water.

Expose to 300W Photo bulb for a minute per side @ around 12″)

3.5 Minutes in Color Developer

Silver Pixel 66ml Part A, 33ml Part B, 66ml Part C to 2L Water

New Stop Bath & Rinse again (100ml vinegar + 400ml water)

5 Minute Bleach (8% Ferricyanide, 2% K Bromide + a tsp of baking soda)


5 Minute Sprint Fixer (Diluted 2+8)

Wash for 6 Minutes

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