Three Color Cyanotype Toning

20% AFC
8% Ferricyanide
(Normal Cyanotype exposure is 12 minutes.)
H2O2 (optional)
Soda Ash (Super Washing Soda)
Green Tea
Corn Starch (or Arrowroot)

Split RGB channels normally, apply Clay Harmon’s old RatioCurve (from, invert, flip canvas, and screen with a R27/G141/B27 color fill
(Color fills and exposure times may vary.)

Preshrink and Size paper with 3.5% starch

Lilac (Magenta):
Mix 1A : 1B
12minutes exposure
Bleach 5 Minute in 5% soda ash, wash 5 minutes, acidify 1 minute in 1% acetic acid, rinse*
Tone 10minutes in Green tea (or until paper begins to stain), wash 10 minutes, then bleach 5 minutes in 5% soda ash

Ochre (Yellow):
Mix 1A : 1B
(The emulsion reacts with the tannin under coat and will appear fogged; this will clear.)
18 Minute exposure
Wash, then acidify in 1% acetic acid, wash*
Bleach 5 minutes in 5% soda ash

Mix 2 parts A : 2 parts B : 3 parts H20
8 Minutes Exposure

*These steps are optional but help to minimize paper staining and keep highlights clear.

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